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HFE Global Webinar

Join us Wednesday, January 18 at 10:30 EST, for our first global webinar of the new year.

Indications Of Cyclical Position Around The World: False Signals Or Verifiable Indicators?

- Carl B. Weinberg, Chief Economist

U.S. Growth Set To Remain Strong Enough To Keep Unemployment Declining, Wages & Inflation Rising, And The Fed Tightening

- Jim O'Sullivan, Chief U.S. Economist

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Carl Weinberg will review the signals from his “hard data” cyclical indicators. Which economies are turning the corner into recovery in 2017, and which are headed further into the hole? Meanwhile, effects of the commodity price depression linger, and world trade growth has fallen to zero. The result will be a mix of policy settings and financial market outcomes in 2017.

In the United States, confidence measures have surged since the election, reflecting hopes that all-Republican leadership in Washington will result in a more vigorous expansion. Is some disappointment relative to such high hopes inevitable? How worried should we be about the new administration's policies on foreign trade and geopolitical issues? Has the Fed stayed too easy for too long?

Download webinar slides.

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